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Life’s too short to skip the pops


Who we are—

At people’s pops we’re on a mission to put the taste of summer on a stick. Tired of seeing the same boring  ice pops on the market we started an ice pop revolution, redefining a timeless treat with whole fruit, simple ingredients, and uniquely delicious flavor combinations in mind.

First started in Brooklyn in 2008, people’s pops has evolved to become a stand-out foodie favorite recognizable for making high-quality pops served with a side of summer fun. Wherever you are, our mission is to make sure that when you’re snacking on a people’s pops artisan ice pop you can taste the freshness of the fruit and feel good.


What makes us special



We’re dedicated to the most classic treat you can think of: the ice pop. And we’re dedicated to shaving ice the old-fashioned way, by hand! To us, classic is cool. We’re driven to keep our treats timelessly appealing. 


The best part of healthy eating is sweet, glorious fruit. When you eat a people’s pops, you can feel okay about a little indulgence! Our pops are 100% vegan, made with fresh fruit, cane sugar, water, and a bit of guar gum for bite. Every pop is less than 90 calories. Pops are kosher too.


We got into this business to change up the snack scene. What’s on the market is boring, stuffed with chemicals, and made with no love. We however are unique. We’ve spent over a decade tasting fruits, trying out flavor combinations and fine-tuning our recipes so that we can reach as many people as possible with some seriously unexpectedly delicious delight.


Work With Us!

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We’re hiring—

Looking for more than just a summer job? Join the people's pops team. Email for more info on job openings.